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The Murphy Law Group is well versed in North Andover business law and has and continues to represent numerous businesses of various sizes. They have been involved in various transactions on behalf of both the seller and on behalf of the buyer. Further, The Murphy Law Group has provided businesses legal guidance in various areas including drafting and negotiating contracts and providing guidance in the employment law arena.

Business Formation

The Murphy Law Group understands that business legal advice is important right from the start. If you are starting a business, the Murphy Law Group will assist you in creating an entity tailored to fit your needs. Whether you are forming an LLC or a corporation, The Murphy Law Group can help you get your business started on the right track.

We can help with North Andover Business Law issues such as planning the basic structure of the entity or even navigating local zoning ordinances. In times of change, business owners rely on our extensive local experience to streamline the purchase and sale of any size company.

The nature of a business entity has a large impact on future tax liability, and our attorneys take the time to help business owners determine the most appropriate structure:

Business Contract Attorney

One of the costliest mistakes any business can make is to write up their own contract. This is second only to not having any contract at all. The days of business being conducted with a promise and a handshake are long gone. Today, companies rely on contracts to define the terms of their agreements with suppliers, partners, and clients. It’s important that you understand the terms of the agreements you enter into and that the provisions of your contracts are enforceable. Poorly written contracts will weaken the foundations of your business, and in extreme circumstances could even lead to its collapse.

Why You Need a Business Contract Lawyer

Do you know if your contract is enforceable? Can you understand and interpret contract provisions? Do you understand the basics of North Andover business law, contract law, and how to avoid typical contract mistakes? If, like most people, you hate reading through the legal jargon used in a contract and find it difficult to keep track of the “party of the first part” or “party of the second part,” then you should seek the counsel of a business contract attorney. Their job is to protect the interests of you and your company with properly written contracts and clearly understood agreements.

Limited Liability Company (LLC) Lawyers

Addressing the legal needs of LLCs in Massachusetts

One of the most difficult parts of being an entrepreneur or business owner is making the decision to go from a sole proprietor or partnership into a formal Limited Liability Company (also known as an LLC). Ensuring that your company is following all applicable laws and regulations can be a daunting and overwhelming task; sometimes it can demand so much of your attention that you lose sight of the business itself. Despite these difficulties, protecting your business by properly establishing and running an LLC can protect your business. It also transfers a substantial amount of risk from the business owner to the business entity itself. To protect your business and position it for future growth, you should contact an attorney to understand the legal ramifications of your business plans.

When making the decision to switch to an LLC, inevitably the question of hiring an LLC lawyer comes up. Some business owners make the decision to create an LLC without the assistance of LLC lawyers. While it is possible to do so, hiring an LLC lawyer who is experienced in North Andover business law is one of the single most important investments you can make for your business.

Massachusetts Corporate Attorney

From Licensing to Protecting Intellectual Property, Our Corporate Legal Team Is Ready To Serve You

The decision to incorporate your company is an important one that should not be entered into lightly. There are many distinct advantages and disadvantages to incorporating, and corporate law can be very confusing if you aren’t a corporate attorney. Even if you’re already incorporated, choosing the right corporate law firm can be the difference between surviving a legal challenge to your business or folding under the pressure.

A corporation needs more than just any corporate law firm. It needs a firm that has both a qualified corporate law attorney and a corporate business attorney. A full-service firm must have an understanding of corporate law and an understanding of how it works with your specific business model.

The Murphy Law Group also has extensive experience in negotiating and closing the purchase or sale of a business. Our office can provide the guidance necessary when complex issues arise in course of the sale of a full business or an asset purchase sale.

The Murphy Law Group has also been involved in numerous business to business commercial disputes including contract disputes, business torts and suits involving allegations of unfair and deceptive business practices under M.G.L. c. 93A.  Those types of disputes have ranged from very large disputes to relatively minor disputes.  Regardless of the size of the transaction or dispute The Murphy Law Group always takes great care in its representation of businesses.

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