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The Murphy Law Group represents plaintiffs and defendants in cases of discrimination, sexual harassment, whistleblowing, and other employment law issues.

The Murphy Law Group is a group of North Andover employment lawyers that has been representing employees and employers in greater Boston employment law cases for years. We have a track record of successful outcomes with employment law cases in Boston and throughout Massachusetts.

Why Retain An Employment Law Attorney?

Having an employment lawyer you can trust and call anytime is essential

Every business will face legal issues from time to time. In some cases, those concerns will be related to employees. Maintaining an ongoing relationship with an employment law attorney can help you in both preventative and reactive situations. Whether you are hoping to avoid violating laws or you are trying to prove you were in the right when firing an employee, having an experienced employment attorney by your side is often a critical step in protecting your business’s financial stability.

Handling Employment Law Before a Problem Occurs

One of the main reasons to contact North Andover employment lawyers is as a preventative measure. Employment lawyers can help you to establish your business and manage it within the letter of the law. Of course, employment law varies by state, but having a local professional to provide you with guidance is a critical step in protecting your business. Consider the ways The Murphy Law Group can help your organization:

In each of these situations, the goal is to ensure the business is in compliance with all required laws. An employment lawyer aids in other ways, too.

The North Andover employment lawyers at the Murphy Law Group have represented both individuals and businesses before the Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination as well as state and federal courts. Our firm has experience representing both employees and employers in various disputes. Discrimination claims include claims for gender discrimination, age discrimination, national origin and racial discrimination, discrimination based on sexual orientation and handicap discrimination. Additionally, The Murphy Law Group has been involved in various cases of sexual harassment. Further, The Murphy Law Group has been involved in cases involving retaliatory discharge due to whistle blowing activities.

We have two offices, Boston and North Andover, which allows us to provide convenient employment law services in Boston, the North Shore, and beyond. We are local, reliable, and aggressive. We bring a wealth of experience with employment law cases to every client.

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