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When you have suffered injury from an automobile crash, you may be overwhelmed with both your medical issues and your resulting monetary problems. You likely have questions about your rights and how you can get help with your recovery and with getting back on your feet. The Murphy Law Group has extensive knowledge of the legal, monetary, medical, and emotional aspects of automobile injury claims and works hard to assist victims and their families with all of these issues.

Victims of automobile accidents may suffer from a myriad of serious complications, including but not limited to:

When you or a loved one has been injured in a Massachusetts auto accident due to the carelessness of another motorist, or someone’s failure to act in a responsible manner, an experienced Massachusetts car accident lawyer can assist you with the unfortunate, but inevitable issues you are now facing. In the Boston and North Andover, Massachusetts area, The Murphy Law Group, LLC, provides personalized and aggressive representation to victims of Massachusetts auto accidents.

Car accident law is a subcategory of personal injury law. When another party fails to use reasonable care and this negligence results in injury, the law recognizes your right to seek recovery for your losses with a lawsuit. Massachusetts is a no-fault state. In most cases, drivers are covered by their Personal Injury Protection (PIP) insurance. Unfortunately, this coverage often falls short and your medical costs exceed both the policy limits and your personal medical insurance coverage. Lost wages are not covered either, leaving you in a precarious position. A skilled Massachusetts car accident lawyer can review your case to determine whether you have grounds for an auto accident claim. If so, the attorney can explain your rights and assist you with your personal injury case.

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Hiring a vehicle accident attorney is one of the most important decisions you can make for yourself. No matter how simple you think the accident is, with the aid of a vehicle accident attorney you can be sure you are not being taken advantage of or left to have limited access to the funds you need. If you are involved in an accident, whether you are at fault or you are the victim, without an experienced vehicle accident lawyer by your side, you are at the hands (and mercy) of the insurance companies. That’s a risk to you.

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